Glow Worm Sunset & Stargazing Cruise

Every month for a few evenings after the full moon, the waters around the Caicos Banks play host to a natural phenomenon that never ceases to delight and amaze. Thousands of glow worms emit green flashes of light in a unique mating ritual that begins shortly after sunset. The source of the spectacle is a species of marine worm (Odontosyllis enopla) which lives in the shallow waters around a few islands in the Caribbean and Bermuda. They’re known as “glow worms” because of the green luminescence that accompanies their spawning cycle. The show begins when female glow worms release their eggs, which float to the surface and give off pulses of pale green light. The males do their part by also glowing as they dart among the egg clusters to fertilize them. For about 15-20 minutes, the surface of the water comes alive with tiny bursts of light as a new generation is spawned. With our Glow Worm Sunset Cruise, you can be part of the experience aboard one of our Catamaran’s (usually our Power Catamaran, occasionally our Sail Catamaran). We’ll treat you to a taste of fine wines (both red and white) to toast the setting sun. Rum punch, local beers, soft drinks, and bottled water are also included. Sample from a platter of finger foods prepared by a local restaurant. The selection includes conch fingers, fish fingers, and chicken fingers with a variety of dipping sauces. The timing of the glow worm mating ritual is tied to the lunar cycle. The females begin releasing their eggs roughly two to three days after the full moon. The spawning activity generally goes on for two or three successive evenings. (For a lunar calendar, please visit;

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